Prof. Robinson is or has taught several courses, including:

MSE 2060: Atomic and Molecular Structure of Matter. The course covers the fundamentals of crystal structure, crystal symmetry, and methods for structure interrogation. The reciprocal lattice and of diffraction is emphasized. Laboratory experiments which a materials scientist/engineer may be required to perform or interpret as a professional will be conducted.

MSE 6060: Condensed Matter Structure. This course is intended to provide an understanding of the atomic structure of materials and how this is determined.  Prerequisite knowledge of basic atomic structure concepts is required.

MSE 4330/5330: Materials for Energy Production, Storage, and Conversion. This course is concerned with materials and technologies related to energy production, storage, and conversion. The devices discussed include solar cells, fuel cells, and batteries. Thermodynamic, kinetic, and electrochemical concepts and materials properties critical for such devices are emphasized.

MSE 5880: The Science of Nanoparticles. This course covers the science of nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization, and applications. The course examines the physics and materials chemistry of nano-sized crystals by investigating the relevant length scales and fundamental size-dependent properties, combined with topics on the synthetic chemistry that has enabled the exponential growth of the field by producing perfect colloidal nanoparticles. Topics have been chosen to provide a background of colloidal nanocrystal science and a survey of advanced current topics.


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